IEAM History

Since the 16th century, in France, traders and commercial companies have submitted their disputes to Commercial Courts.
But the Magistrates of the Commercial Courts often lacked the detailed knowledge necessary to fully understand accounting, financial, economic, engineering or other complex issues presented by the litigants and French Tribunals did not (and still do not) accept oral testimony in the hearings.
The real need of the Magistrates to overcome this problem was (and still is) met by the Tribunal appointing, when appropriate, an independant, qualified expert who can examine the technical aspects of the issue. He meets the parties and their respective counsels, inspects the evidence and then submits a written report to the Commercial Tribunal.
Some of those professionals have been gathered in an association called now Institute for Expertise, Arbitration and Mediation (IEAM) so that Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings could be offered to the business community.
In the event of ADR, the members of the IEAM provide professional guarantees of impartiality, savoir-faire and discretion to reach a balanced solution, without imposing their own judgment on the issues for that of the parties.

The first French law
organisation for Arbitration and Mediation for commercial disputes

For the dispute resolutions named in the French law : Arbitrage, Médiation, we work with the same honesty and professionalship as for the State Courts.